Rear Mount Pontoon Boat Ladders

If you have ever climbed out of the water on a conventional pontoon boat ladder, then you probably have found out how difficult it can be.  And while it may be difficult for a person, it can be next to impossible to for a heavy person or dog.  We developed the Aqua-Stairs® rear mount pontoon boat ladders to fix this issue.  The patented design of this stair step ladder makes it significantly easier to get out of the water compared to regular boat ladders.  No longer did we have to worry about getting back onboard if we jumped in.  This also makes for the perfect dog ladder too when you pet needs a way to get onto the boat.

The rear mount pontoon ladder is designed for use as a universal replacement for the existing ladder on the back of most pontoon boats and is simple to install by any handy person.  The ladder folds down for use and folds up when not it in use.  It has Velcro straps to lock it in the upright position for travel/storage.  Since it folds up and is out of the way, not needing to be stored somewhere onboard, it is a much better option than the Aqua-Stairs® Side Mount Pontoon Ladder, if you have access to the rear of the pontoon boat.  This boat ladder can also be fitted to the rear of some other boats – it has successfully worked as a deck boat ladder. 

Rear Mount pontoon boat ladder installation.pdf

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