Heavy duty stairs that replace climbing ladders.


Folding and removable stairs that replace telescoping climbing ladders.

Learn About Our Dock Ladders

AquaStairs®, a top name in boat ladders nationwide, proudly provides options for spaces of all sizes. When you learn about AquaStairs, you will discover our background in the industry. Reach out to us today to choose our aluminum Dock Ladder for your property. 
They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly true of the AquaStairs line of boat ladders and dock ladders. At AquaStairs, all we sell are high quality ladders for dock and boating use.

AquaStairs Dock Steps


AquaStairs ® Quality and Affordable Dock Ladders and Boat Ladders

AquaStairs, a pioneering company committed to inclusivity and safety, presents its remarkable retractable dock ladder- designed with meticulous attention to detail. This innovative ladder redefines water accessibility for individuals with disabilities, handicaps, or physical limitations empowering them to once again relish the joys of water activities.  

When you are looking for the best dock ladder design in swim ladders, you're going to want to look at AquaStairs dock ladders and boat ladders. Our dock ladders are sloped ladders that allow people and even dogs to walk in and out of the water easily. Customers consider these angled swim ladders the best dock accessory they have ever purchased! 
Standard docks, piers, seawalls, swim platforms, and other swimming ladders tend to be designed vertically. That makes the act of getting in and out of the water much closer to climbing than walking. With our unique staircase design, you can walk in and out of the water instead of climbing. That isn't the only change we've made either. While vertical steps are typically between two and three inches in depth, which can hurt your feet, our steps are approximately one foot deep from each other. This provides much more comfortable footing.

The AquaStairs Dock and Boat Ladders Are Great For

AquaStairs ladders were specifically designed to allow people with certain disabilities, handicaps, or physical limitations to enjoy the water again. AquaStairs contribute to creating a safer waterfront for everybody. Whether you are using our ladder due to a disability or simply because you prefer an easier, better way to get into and out of the water, you are sure to be impressed with what our ladders have to offer.

Why Climb Out of the Water when You can Walk Out?

Contact us to speak with our company about your boat and dock ladder needs. We offer an extensive selection of staircase style/angled ladder products ready to be shipped nationwide.

Specifications of Our AquaStairs

AquaStairs are all marine-grade 6063 T aluminum dock and pontoon ladders. The steps are made of textured plate aluminum to prevent slipping. These staircase steps are also rolled and hemmed at the front to provide a smooth edge to prevent cuts.  

All dock ladder models are hinged at the mounting brackets to allow the ladder to be easily lifted out of the water for storage. Only four bolts are required to attach these swim ladders to a floating dock, fixed dock, seawall, swim platform, bulkhead, or pier.  

The dock ladder models can easily accommodate up to 500 lbs. since the body of these ladders is all fully welded, unlike many other marine ladders. All of our aluminum dock and boat ladders come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our Ladders Include

  • 3 Step Ladder
  • 4 Step Ladder
  • 5 Step Ladder
  • 6 Step Ladder
  • 7 Step Ladder (Special)
  • 8 Step Ladder (Special)
  • Front Boarding Ladder
  • Side Mount Pontoon Ladder
  • Rear Mount Pontoon Ladder
  • Swim Platform / Yacht Ladder
  • XL Rear Mount Pontoon / Houseboat Ladder
  • Under Mount Swim Platform ladder

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