“I have one for my dock and one for my boat. Hubby got it after I had surgery. I could get in but couldn’t get out with a traditional ladder. These are just like walking up steps. I love them! We have recommended them to many of our neighbors, who are also happy with theirs as well.”

These are the BEST! My dogs and all human friends and family love the ease of getting out of the water! 

These are awesome! I have a bad Achilles tendon that stopped me from being able to use my old vertical stairs. My AquaStairs let’s me access the lake off my dock again with ease! Now my 2 year old grandson easily climbs in and out of the lake too! Thanks for a great product!

“I have these stairs. Best invention ever, makes getting out of the water so much easier. The thick rubber bumpers on the stabilizer posts protect the tunes from damage or marring. Everyone that goes out with me raves about them too.”

I just got my hip replaced, and swam in the Lake using the stairs for the first time. Fantastic! I really love the stairs, and they make getting in and out incredibly easy. Thanks for the work.

I'm writing you because: a) The stairs you sent have a fit and finish that shows good craftsmanship and materials - worth the money. b) The stairs have, so far, functioned as advertised - dogs and old people love them. c) Your constant follow up on the unexpected delay in my order was important and appreciated. d) Finally, the stairs have been in at my little lake cabin for about a month and are getting the attention of neighbors far and wide. They cruise by just to look at them. Today a neighbor stopped by just to get the name of them. "Nobody on the lake has a ladder like that. It's fantastic! Where can I get it?" So, if you get a little spike in orders from the middle of Kansas, you'll know why. Congrats on a fine product and fine customer service. Best regards

We love the stairs!  Work great for all of us and are a good place to sit and soak if you don't want to get all the way in.  My parents, who are in their 80's, can get in and out of the water because we have the on our boat! Thanks!

We finished installing the stairs on our new 22’ Avalon 2285 QL today. I have a severe nerve disease, CMT, which makes my legs only 40% strength. This is my first walk up the stairs. Thank you SO much for building this stair rig! I really need it. Also, our friends are getting up in years, so they will enjoy using it.

I bought your stairs 2 years ago for our floating dock. They are wonderful. We bought the 5 step version. It is so much easier to get in and out of the water with these. My mother who is in her 70's can now enjoy swimming in the lake again. The steps really are great for folks who need a little more support getting in and out of the water. The height of the handles on the dock really helps as well. They feel very sturdy and secure and it takes much less arm strength to get in and out of the water with the steps than a traditional dock ladder. Thanks for creating such a great product. We love it.

Mission accomplished! I had you overnight (pricy but worth it) a 4-step ladder on Thursday so that I could install it on Friday for my daughter’s 16th birthday party here on the lake this past Saturday. I bought out of concern for the safety of the 40+ kids that attended and it went off exactly as planned. Thanks for the prompt service.

Our stairs are great for London getting in and out of the water off the floating home.  We also use it to help him get in and out of the kayak. I am not sure if I had mentioned he had half his brain removed a couple years ago and so his left side is very weak and his left hand does not work at all.

Just wanted to let you know, we installed the ladder we purchased, and it works great. Our dog is especially happy with it.  Thanks for the fast shipping and great communication and service. Cheers

I just finished installing my new 8 step dock ladder.  It was a very simple job; I am sending this simply to say that my wife who has bad knees and shoulders is absolutely delighted using the angled stairs.  She hasn't been able to get into and out of the water this easily in years.  Your product is wonderful and although expensive, is worth every cent.  We can both now fully enjoy our lakefront home again and should be able to continue doing so for many more years.

I have meant to write to you. My brother was here for a month and just left on Tuesday. He had surgery three years ago on his knee and has walked with a cane ever since (he is only 52 now). When he was here two years ago, he went with us on the boat, but could not get off the boat because the swim ladder was impossible for him to navigate. Fast forward two years, I fell in our bath and fractured both of my knees in February. I have had four months of physical therapy and MRI's the works. Bottom line, not only do I have the fractures, I have osteoarthritis in both knees, just on the inside which was making it impossible for me to navigate steps, or even leave the condo. After the physical therapy and shots in both knees, I can take it slow but still have problems, so when David said he had found these steps and was taking us out on the boat, I was sick with worry. What happens if I can't get out of the boat, or worse, cannot get back on the boat. Well, we took the boat out several times while he was here, and I am so thankful for those steps. I cannot believe, in my wildest imagination, that I could, so easily get on and off the boat. We took pictures for you because I wanted you to see how wonderful and happy we are. You have a jewel there with those steps and you have made my life so much easier. Now I don't have to make excuses to David why I can't go to the boat and swim. I am eager to do it again. My brother helped David to install them which was a piece of cake. When he returned, he said I would not believe how easy it would be for me. I told him he did not know how bad my knees were and even showed him my MRI film. I think we both were astounded that not only could I do it, I went up and down that ladder like someone with good knees. I intend to take your advertisement to my orthopedic doctor for others to be helped as much as I am. In Puerto Rico, many have bad knees but also have boats and could benefit from your design. I also have sent the pictures to many people, including relatives, who suffer with this same problem of osteoarthritis in the knees. My Aunt and Uncle live in Myrtle Beach and have the same knee problems and they are astounded. They will be here in January! Thank you once again, and I sure am glad that we ran across your advertisement on line, otherwise, we would have been suffering when we could have been swimming. I am 57 years old and thought I had no chance of ever going on the boat again, but your product made it possible. Bless you.

I just want to drop you a line to thank you again … We installed the ladder and have been happily using it! We are so grateful that your company makes these ladders, as with my shoulder injury, I cannot climb out of the water using a traditional ladder. Thanks again for making our summer so much better this year!

I absolutely love your product It has given me the ability to enjoy the lake again and makes the ease of getting in and out of the water so simple.

my mother LOVES the ladder. She is 84 and didn't want to give up lake swimming. Went again yesterday. Thanks for sending it so promptly!

Hi – I purchased your Aqua-Stairs last year for use with my two small children, thinking it would be easy to help teach them how to swim. This worked great as they felt safe and secure knowing that there were steps close by. But this is not the main reason for this email: My mom, who was afraid to get into the water for fear that she could not get out tried them out and the best story is that she got to enjoy the water again, spending many weekends enjoying the water and her grandkids!!! Thanks so much for the best dock accessory I have ever purchased!